About Me

Hello, Jen here!

Location: West Palm Beach // Florida // Planet Earth // Milky Way Galaxy // Virgo Supercluster.

I photograph the great outdoors mostly, and anything that inspires me. 

[Events and portraits are currently on hiatus while I work on some personal projects] 

"Everywhere we look, the complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes." -Doctor Who

I also love art (oil & digital painting, drawing), fencing (with swords), hiking (wandering), cats, books, sci-fi, science, rocket launches... I love Star Wars AND Star Trek (and Star Gate). I drink both tea and coffee. 

Florida Atlantic University has bestowed upon me a degree in Photography. It all started in the darkroom of the community college: I buy my first manual film camera from my teacher, magic ensues in the developer tray, and I have been wandering in the realm of Photography every since.

(Team Canon)


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